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    Updated: 9/24/2021

What is a virus for SC:BW:R Maps?

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This is going to be a tuff one. lol

How to tell if a map was uploaded by others is a virus? From https://maps.cool-knight.eu.org/Tons Of Maps/ On "Uploaded by others"
Since there are going to be maps uploaded on T.O.Ms page. From "Uploaded by others" You are going to that folder it's where other people uploaded their maps.
However...there are going to be bad people uploading viruses too.

• StarCraft Broodwar Maps/Remaster Maps.
.scx .scm there is no others.

• How do I tell if a map is a virus?
1st thing you should do is not to double click and open it all willy and needily. I would suggest trying to open it with the SC Map editors. 1st <--Link.
Then they could be locked with a map locker. So there is 2 way knowing. 1: Is to open SC 1.16.1 and see if the map shows up in-game. If not- Try on SC:R (ReMaster) If it shows no image as well, but plays it's a map. Same SC 1.16.1
some maps that are made FOR remaster won't work for Sc 1.16.1 so. That's why you have to go back and forth to tell.

Now you can also scan the map for viruses. (IF it is. Delete it report it on discord in this channel https://discord.gg/saN3Qe9 So I will know.)
Use https://www.virustotal.com/ for scanning the map(s)

There will be more info added on to this down the road and or / changed.
Last updated: 9/29/2021