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    Updated: 9/24/2021

7vs1 Random Computer 11.0V coming soon!

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Overmind - Zerg
Adjutant - Terran
Infested Kerrigan - Zerg
Jim Raynor - Terran
Artanis - Protoss
7vs1 Random Computer Version 11.0!

Update-Logs: Change/Update/New/Removed/Fixed

More will be added soon!

Release date unknown!

Total attack waves for Terran=18 / Zerg=15 / Protoss=17


  • Lights, Mass, on the top left. (Lights removed, there now EUDs)
  • No more random Script pick.
  • No more timer countdown.
  • No more enemy HEROES spawning in!
  • Pylons and Supply depot and Creep.
  • A random pick of difficulty: "SUPER HARD / "God Hard!" (Just Brutal!)


  • Mass is on the bottom of (each) player's starting location.
  • Building: Protoss Cannon max from 24 to 5. Cut damage from 55, to 22. Terran Bunkers has not been changed. Missile Turrets damage down from 200 to 22. Sunken 150 to 44. Spore 150 to 22. (Max 10 missile turrets.) Sunken & Spore 10 each.
  • Player 8 Armor and attack "UPS" have been replaced with a timer with 4 mins giving AI 3+ ups on all 3.
  • No more timers for "AI Hero Spawns. TImers and attacks? I think I cut down the army size spawn from "countdown timer."
  • No Pylons are needed for Protoss buildings.
  • No Creep is needed for Zerg buildings.
  • Supply is always maxed at 200 for players. For computer 400 (AI won't go above and beyond this- no it will.) Makes it fair for AI vs 7 players 200 X 7 = 1400 possible units. So Given ai bit of a helping hand.
  • Some buildings can now be stacked without the use of lights thanks to EUDs most everything besides: (CC, Terran Factory, and Starport, because of addons to build units!)


  • Change map difficulty from "SUPER HARD/God HARD!" To Brutal and so is the Ai!
  • .
  • .
  • .

  • New AIs For Terran/Zerg/Protoss. A new code script was made by me. And true random attacks! Nothing like Blizzard.
    (The AIs will use everything they have to kill you! And its defense is well protected!)
  • EUD AI Get's UPS by 3+ every 4 mins!
  • Added scaling to buildings. Cannons 2+ Turrets 2+ Spore 2+ Sunken 4+ (During the AI-Gets UPS by 3+ every 4 mins!)


  • EUDs in the map.
  • Player 8 Ais
  • Terrain.
  • Heroes maker.
  • Triggers
  • And lots behind the scenes.
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