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  1. Cool-Knight

    What is a virus for SC:BW:R Maps?

    This is going to be a tuff one. lol How to tell if a map was uploaded by others is a virus? From https://maps.cool-knight.eu.org/Tons Of Maps/ On "Uploaded by others" Since there are going to be maps uploaded on T.O.Ms page. From "Uploaded by others" You are going to that folder it's where...
  2. Cool-Knight

    Starcraft broodwar map editors

    Map Editors for Starcraft & Broodwar & Remaster SC:R. Download- from my website. Scmdraft 2 080.zip (SC:BW 1.16.1 and below!) StarEdit Jul 2019.zip (Last version for SC:R) StarEdit for 1.16.1 if you want that. Be in 1.16.1 Installer (Coming soon? I dunno) Link(S)...
  3. Cool-Knight

    7vs1 Random Computer 11.0V coming soon!

    7vs1 Random Computer Version 11.0! Update-Logs: Change/Update/New/Removed/Fixed More will be added soon! Removed: Lights, Mass, on the top left. No more “Random Script pick.” Change: Mass is on the bottom of (each) player's starting location. Building: Protoss Cannon max from 24 to 5...
  4. Cool-Knight

    What is Discord? AI bot wrote about.

    Reading time: 15 minutes, 20 seconds Language: Your article has been created in English language Summary: Thanks to this breadth of functionality, users have also embraced Discord as a semipublic, forum-style community platform: Groups of players with common interests, such as...
  5. Cool-Knight

    This is fun. -try to kill player 8-

    This is what i asked it. This is a map from StarCraft-Broodwar Blizzard Inc map editor. The story for this is. Title: Try To Kill Player 8. Part 1. (info) Human, You control 1 unit. (The hero is a human player) -red, blue, teal, purple, orange, green.) Player 8 is an enemy AI on the map. It has...
  6. Cool-Knight

    Also try it again...

    I think this one came out better.... lol not really. Ask a dozen different people when the first battle royale emerged, and chances are, youll get a dozen different answers. Some will say it was DayZ: Battle Royale, others will highlight earlier deathmatch games like Dyna Blaster. A true pedant...
  7. Cool-Knight

    Try dif AI, this was okay...

    This was just really weird. lol Almost exactly 15 years ago, on Oct. 5, 2005, author Stephenie Meyer’s first novel “Twilight” was published to relatively little fanfare. The story followed Arizona-raised teenager Bella Swan, who moves to Forks, Washington, falls in love with vampire Edward...
  8. Cool-Knight

    Bot tells a life story about my forums enjoy!

    This is what I asked this bot about my forums. "Cool-Knight Forum Community. Hi, my forums is a place where gamers, from PC and consoles players, meet up and chat on my website, post and join my discord. " Some of this is really dead on too me...Kind of freaky, but only 20% of it is not...
  9. Cool-Knight

    EA-Blizzard at their fineness!

    So today I decided to spill the beans on this and posted on the right topic. This guy had a point! And I agreed with him. So I also put my $0.02 in it. Well...EA-Blizzard decided to “Hide it.” Now that was near 11 am. Okay, so I put a few curse words. I blocked out the curse words. But I...
  10. Cool-Knight

    About Cool-Knight

    I like to Cap something real quick! I have dyslexia! Reading and Writing! Hello All. You know me As Cool-Knight But my other aka should help! My 1st SC name was: The-Gold-Knight in 2005 or 6 Then sometime in 2008/9/ Fox-Cool-1 Fox-Cool-2 Fox-Cool-3 Fox-Cool-9. Cool-Dude, Map-Make-Edit...
  11. Cool-Knight


    This is MY NAME BLIZZARD! SEE it's called respect! So many C's but my CK name is in here. What is "CK?" Short for Cool-Knight. It's mine signature dat and few other people made.
  12. Cool-Knight

    Hello! This is one is for Starcraft Remaster. My Username was (till I have gotten ban)...

    Hello! This is one is for Starcraft Remaster. My Username was (till I have gotten ban) TheKnightCK/Cool-Knight (B.net TheKnightCK) My New Battle.net/Blizzard username is (MagicTurtle#1180591) SC:R TheCoolKnight. I'll try to keep this update to date. (When needed!) Updated as of: 5/31/2020
  13. Cool-Knight

    Blizzard has banned me from SC:R!

    This is one of the biggest stories to tell in my history! Topic Needs better editing! (Still working on this!) The topic made on 4/10/2020. Last update: 4/12/2020. 4/17/2020 *Re updated* (Wow, I forgot to hit save! Many things in here typos and stuff fixed! + me ranting sorry.) Ban date...
  14. Cool-Knight

    Cool-Knight Merch Store

    Here you can do quite a few things. Give me Ideas. Give me feedback. Q&A. Too pricy?
  15. Cool-Knight

    We have given our life to Aiur! - Can Sleeve

    This is another great way to show your support for StarCraft Broodwar, and for me and my website! :D If you like to buy it's here's the link! https://viralstyle.com/Cool-Knight/we-have-given-our-life-to-aiur-can-sl
  16. Cool-Knight

    We have given our life to Aiur! - Bottle Sleeve

    This is another great way to show your support for StarCraft Broodwar, and for me and my website! :D If you like to buy it's here's the link! https://viralstyle.com/Cool-Knight/we-have-given-our-life-to-aiur-bottle
  17. Cool-Knight

    Try To Kill Player 8! (RPG ver 2!)

    It's still RPG/Ver 2 (which means Part 2.) Dunno, I might change it. lol. Updated version: 3.6v Try To Kill Player 8! RPG/Part 2! Whats new? (Added) Added: XP and Money, Rewards! You'll find them tho out of the map! (Fixed) Fixed: Walled near player 8. (Changed) Changed: "Title to Try To...
  18. Cool-Knight

    My Affiliations/Referrals! (Trusted and paying sites!)

    Sign up using my Affiliations/Referrals! Updated as of 10/8/2020 More has been added in: "Other ways to make money. (No topic)" And more is coming soon! [/SPOILER]
  19. Cool-Knight


    The website has been updated as of 9/30/2020 and re-updated 10/3/2020 Paid Webhost - given to me from a friend! Added Ranks. Fixed Donate. Clean up the website. Re-added https://maps.cool-knight.eu.org/Tons Of Maps/ And much much more!
  20. Cool-Knight

    Coming Soon

    Currently Under work! More VIP levels. More cleaning up. More of everything. Stay tuned!