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Blizzard been holding out on us!

This was all on day SC:R was release for limited time!

So we all know when SC:R was release to public, but did you know blizzard was hiding lots of info from us? Yes they…

Posted by StarCraft BroodWar & SC:R Fan's Page on Monday, 14 May 2018

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Celebrate 20 Years Of StarCraft! 🎊

From StarCraft: “Celebrate 20 Years Of StarCraft! ?

Amazing, can you believe it’s been over 20 years SINCE SC:BW Came out?

Not SC2 its been 8 years. lol.

Celebrate 20 Years Of StarCraft!

Celebrate 20 Years Of StarCraft! 🎊

Posted by StarCraft on Sunday, 4 March 2018

Scam.  (Same site linked.)     100% SCAM!

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Edited: 3/18/2018
Fixed/Edited: 5/14/2018

1.20.9 has rollout with new stuff!

Features & Improvements

  • Increased file size allowed when downloading maps
  • Ladder maps added within folder structure: maps/ladder/FrontierLeague2017S1
  • Players with HD licenses now able to play offline for 30 days
  • Enter “/help friends” in Chat for additional information on Friends’ commands
  • Right click reporting a player within a Channel list will open a modal with a list of report types

More can be founded location here! 😀

New big update is coming to SC:BW world!

All new /f l, No more CCMU and/or Spite limt. SCBW 1.16.1 will be thing of a pass, EUDS are gonna be allow- Which will make games/maps even more amazing and crazy than ever before! 😀

EUPS do work…Not all there is only 2. well 3, but it will crash the map after while.

This is the NEW SC:R! Good Luck! See you all in SC World.

  • Cool-Knight.

Video to the update:


Upcoming Maps!! :D

Cool-Knight Maps Coming Soon:

7vs1 Random Computer (Still in works soon to be release)

Try To Kill Player 8/RPG 2. (Still in works!)

Undead Map (Still in works and thinking what else to add and soon it will be release!)

New Map I am working on is my old Sunken Defense map, I made it 2009 but I was not that good at that time, but now I am re-working on it, and its gonna be my next new big map!

That is all for now! 🙂


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ROADHOG Voice Line = Cheat.

Fun Fact. We all played OverWatch, and we know the hero name (ROADHOG) And and one of his voice lines he says: ” What’s mine, is mine.” Did you know it’s a cheat code for SC:BW? Yea if you type it in you get 500 ore.
I tho someone would’ve share this, but guess not.
So I tho of sharing it. Sadly I am only one who found this out. lol.
Guess everyone is not smart as me! 😀
StarCraft BroodWar.
Cheat code:  What is mine is mine = Free minerals / 500 ore.

Did you know?

You see this guy on here? Hes from StarCraft intro, if you didn’t. “Damm your ugly” lol. He was a Goliath. Unit but his name is different that we don’t see in “Heroes” but this guy we see is Goliath Mark 2C. Very odd right?
Whats you think of this?


Soo I have move on here, and I will have have what one had, also I just keep “” blog ish for me, and I will have forums for anyone, it will have better stuff, and its already was made years back but it was out updated but we can keep it updated.

And the forums will have better access for users to post and share better than here…. I know…I am still trying get it all sorted out.

P.S: I will be bit busy this coming week.

Man I am still hyped.

I am still hyped that fact that, StarCraft and Broodwar became remaster … I still get hyped, and goosebumps  just watching this video. lol Thanks again Blizzard for making this happen, + making the game come back to life, and more maps and Ideas are coming! <3

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